Seal of the United States Military Training Mission United States Military Training Mission
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia





 USMTM Mission

USMTM coordinates security assistance efforts to train, advise and assist the Saudi Ministry of Defense in building defense capacity/capability through military exercises and professional military education in order to promote regional security and to protect common interests of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while strengthening our strategic partnership.

Command Group Contacts
Chief Of Staff DSN 318-448-6900 x2917
Protocol DSN 318-448-6900 x6390
Executive Officer DSN 318-448-6900
Executive Assistant DSN 318-448-6900 x6391




Major General Peter D. Utley
Chief, USMTM
Major General
Peter D. Utley, USA

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Mr. Ricky A. Story
Chief Of Staff, USMTM
Col Ricky A. Story

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CSM Jeffrey L. Dunkelberger
Command Sgt Major,
Shane E. Pospisil, USA

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