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USMTM Staff-J3
USMTM J3 - Plans and Operations Mission

The J2/ J3 office conducts future planning, current operations, threat monitoring and assessment in order to synchronize the efforts of the organization. The J3 also oversees the Provost Marshal Office and the Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection Cell in order to execute a practical, effective, and progressive law enforcement monitoring and Anti-Terrorism/ Force Protection program within the KSA to protect DoD personnel, facilities, and interests through training, coordination, and mitigation.

J3 - Plans and Operations Contacts
J3 Director DSN 318-448-2777
Provost Marshall DSN 318-448-8184
Provost Sergeant DSN 318-448-2763
Security Manager DSN 318-448-2835
J2 DSN 318-448-8116
Force Protection NCOIC DSN 318-448-8118
Deputy J3 DSN 318-448-2761
Operations Plan NCOIC DSN 318-448-2874
Admin NCO DSN 318-448-8116
Mission Relations Director DSN 318-448-8113
Mission Relations Deputy Director DSN 318-448-8063
NCOIC DSN 318-448-8061