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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia





USMTM Staff-J6
USMTM J6 - Information Management Mission

The J6 Directorate provides USMTM automation and communications support and coordinates communication support with all organizations on Eskan village in order to ensure USMTM can effectively coordinate security assistance efforts to train, advise, and assist the Saudi Arabian Armed Forces in building defense capacity/capability through military exercises and professional military education in order to promote regional security and to protect common interests of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while strengthening our strategic partnership.

J6 - Information Management Contacts
J6 Director DSN 318-448-6900 x7441
J6 Superintendent DSN 318-448-6900 x2481
C2 NCOIC DSN 318-448-6900 x2481
Webmaster DSN 318-448-6900 x2899
Records Manager DSN 318-448-6900 x2481
Telecommunications Specialist DSN 318-448-6900 x2481
Management Analyst DSN 318-448-6900 x2779
USCENTCOM J6 LNO DSN 318-448-6900 x2481