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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia





USMTM Staff-J8
USMTM J8 - Resource Management Mission

The Resource Management Directorate formulates, allocates, administers, and reviews the utilization of funding and manpower program to execute USMTM missions, and serves as principal advisor to the Saudi Ministry of Defense, CHUSMTM, and USMTM's senior leaders on finance, resource, and management matters.

USMTM J8 Strategic Goals
  • Obtain adequate resources to support accomplishment of USMTM's missions
  • Program and distribute resources in accordance with command priorities
  • Strengthen USMTM's stewardship of resources
  • Operate USMTM resource management in the most effective and efficient manner possible
  • Foster an organizational climate that promotes trust, teamwork, respect, professionalism, superior job performance and high morale
J8 - Resource Management Contacts
Comptroller DSN 318-448-8079
Finance Officer DSN 318-448-8030
Deputy Finance Officer DSN 318-448-8028
Budget Officer DSN 318-448-8023
Budget Analyst DSN 318-448-8024
Military Pay NCOIC DSN 318-448-8031
Voucher Examiner DSN 318-448-8032