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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia





USMTM Division-JAD
USMTM Joint Advisory Division (JAD) Mission

The Joint Advisory Division advises, trains and assists assist the Ministry of Defense (MoD) General Staff and its associated, task-organized elements—Saudi War Course (SWC), Medical Services Directorate (MSD), SAAF Intelligence and Security School (ISS) — aligned with CENTCOM TSC goals to develop, train and sustain capable deterrent and self-defense forces for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and to facilitate regional stability through the Combatant Command's Theater Security Cooperation strategy.

Joint Advisory Division Contacts
Chief, Joint Advisory Division DSN 318-448-8126
Deputy Chief, Joint Advisory Division DSN 318-448-8127
War College Advisor DSN 318-448-8124
Logistics Advisor DSN 318-448-8132
Medical Advisor DSN 318-448-8131
FMS Advisor DSN 318-448-8125
Training Advisor DSN 318-448-8127
GUTS Chief DSN 318-448-8157
Intel & Security Advisor DSN 318-448-8133
Communications Advisor DSN 318-448-8124