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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia





USMTM Division-LFD
USMTM Land Forces Division (LFD) Mission

The Land Forces Division coordinates security assistance efforts to train, advise and assist the Royal Saudi Land Forces in building defense capacity/capability through military exercises and professional military education in order to promote regional security and to protect common interests of the United States of America and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while strengthening our strategic partnership.

Land Forces Division Contacts
Chief, Land Forces Division +966-55-881-0013
Deputy Chief, Land Forces Division +966-50-546-9467
Admin NCO +966-50-482-0438
Arabian Affairs +966-50-018-4604
Tabuk CATT Chief +966-55-000-5327
Welcome Information
Khamis CATT Chief +966-55-524-9476
LFD Operations +966-55-547-9472
Aviation Advisor +966-50-546-7440
Infantry Advisor +966-50-495-8219
*Dialing from CONUS: 011-XXX
*Dialing from OCONUS: 00-XXX