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MWR - Community Activities
USMTM Moral, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) Mission

Provide customer-valued programs, services, and facilities that enhance the readiness and quality of life of the USMTM/Eskan Village Community and downrange detachments. Apply resources to those projects and programs, which have the greatest positive effect on the quality of life for all personnel stationed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

MWR - Community Activities Contacts
MWR Director DSN 318-448-8153
ECC Manager DSN 318-448-8067
Recreation Specialist (781) 365-1810 Ext: 2573/2830
MWR Marketing (781) 365-1810 Ext: 2306
MWR Shop (781) 365-1810 Ext: 2478

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Upcoming Events
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MWR Trip
Asian Pacific American
Heritage Month
MWR Event
Granada Center
MWR Sports Calendar
Easter Egg Hunt
MWR Event
Arabic Calligraphy
MWR Trip
Beauty Supply Stores
MWR Event
Marble Souq
MWR Trip
Trip to Arts
and Crafts Stores
MWR Sports Calendar
Eskan Sports & Recreation
MWR Trip
Italian Cooking Class
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